Your trophy is always valuable and most of the time unique. After careful planning and hard hunting you finally succeeded. Feel the same satisfaction as you take your completed trophy home.

Whether you want a rug or a life size mount with custom habitat, your trophy will be brought back to life here at Animal Wildlife Creations. I am a hunter, and I know how much work and money goes into harvesting a trophy animal. You want your trophy to be as accurate and life-like as possible. As an artist I can assure your satisfaction. Competitive prices, and high quality is what keeps Animal Wildlife Creations customers coming back again and again.
After all the time, effort, and expense you put into your hunts, you want to preserve your memories. Taxidermy has long been the finishing touch to a successful hunt.

But also people who just want to by a pretty mount or just want to order one because they do not hunt are always successful at Animal Wildlife Creations. We can make what ever you want and whoever you want it. Realism is the most important thing to go by that is why we are using a lot of reverences to make it come back alive again.

If you plan to hunt any cities animals, you must acquire a cities import permit

  Necessary Paperwork
• Original export permits
• Original veterinary certificates
• Original cities export permits from the country of origin (if applicable)
• Packing list. (All of the above should provided by your outfitter.)
• Copies of your cities import permit
• A copy of our PRT permit
Be sure to make copies of all paperwork!

Habitats are created when desired - sometimes from photos of the animal's natural habitat - or designed specifically to fit in other surroundings.

Animal Wildlife Creations is a full  Taxidermy service business offering personalized service, award winning mounts, import clearance, custom form making and more. Completion time for standard pieces is six to nine months. Trophies are insured while in our care.
In every line of work there are master artists and craftsmen who are outstanding. Here is your opportunity to avail yourself of the creative work of a master craftsman, sculptor and experienced taxidermist whose work of perfection is known worldwide.




Official Measurer, Safari Club International
Member Dutch Taxidermy Association
Import and export Skins and Trophy’s