Organised hunting

 Organised Hunts in England for:  


Trophy Red Stag
Trophy Fallow Deer
Sika Deer
Pere David
Barasinga Deer
Trophy Chinese water Deer
Always dreamed to hunt Magnificent Red stag or Superb Fallow Deer you are here on the right address.
Also almost curtain to get gold medal Chinese water Deer good muntjac and a lot more you want to hunt.
We can also set you up for Sika deer, Barasinga Deer, Pere David, and even White Fallow Deer.
With experienced guides and award winning taxidermist available to you to be sure you will get your excellent trophy and a breathtaking mount so you will enjoy your memories for a long time.
Arrangement will be made for where ever you like to stay at , Bed and Breakfast to hotels of your choice in the area. We will pick you up from Norwich airport and bring you back again after the hunt. If you prefer to fligh into another airport you need to make your own travel arrangements to get to your hotel or bed and breakfast where you will picked up for the hunt.
The Dailey rate includes: Guide fee, scoped rifle and ammunition, driving you to and from the places to hunt, skinning and prepping from your trophy.
On request we can organize bird hunts for a minimum of 8 people for pheasant, partridge and quail.
For bookings and or information you can email me on OR phone +31 6 52452019.


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